Behavioral Guidelines

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I’ve just spent a wonderful week with my two friends Linda and Dianah in Palm Springs.  We have been getting together here every year for what started out to be a retreat for stressed-out teachers.  We were calling that retreat “It’s About Time: A Weekend Away for Women.”   In time, however, since we’ve all … Continue reading

Thoughts on ADHD

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Yesterday I had a conversation with a parent who is wondering if her daughter may have ADD/ADHD.  The book I suggested that she might want to find is Eric Jensen’s Different Brains – Different Learners.    1n 2006 I attended a 3-Day workshop workshop with Eric during which he decided upon his title for this book. As… Continue reading

The Tools

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The tools I will describe in Growing Leaders have evolved out of a lifetime of experiences, and each one has a story.  My hope is that my stories will evoke your stories. For the purposes of this book, this is how I define the word “tool.” TOOL:  A generic template, process, procedure, strategy, structure, map,… Continue reading

On First Drafts

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Since I’m not a linear thinker, I’ve had a great deal of trouble deciding where and how to start writing a book.  My friend Anne Meek once told me to write “toward an outline.”  I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, so she explained it this way: “By writing ‘toward’ an outline,  I mean that… Continue reading