For Their Parents

I began writing short essays about parenting when my nephew Tanner was born.  (Tanner is graduating from high school this year and was just accepted at CalTech.  How time flies!!!)

My intent for this section of Growing Leaders is to organize those essays into the same three areas as the tools for your students and for yourself.

Perception + Attitude = Experience

Perception of Partnership

Monday Meetings ….

Attitude of Service

Parenting on Purpose #1 (rewrite)

Experience of Joy and Connection

Memory Pictures (rewrite)



A Collection of Essays on Intentional Parenting


ESSAY # 1:   “Parenting on Purpose,” tells how my nephew Tim and his wife Monica dedicated themselves to their role as parents – and demonstrated their attitude toward their new job.

Parenting on Purpose   (Attitude of Service)



ESSAY #2:   I wrote “Memory Pictures” at the Red Lion Inn in 1995.  Jack Canfield showed up at a women’s conference I was attending in Santa Barbara with my friend Barbara McKinnon.  He was soliciting contributions for a new book that was to be called Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul.  Barbara knew how much I liked to write about children and insisted that I write something and submit it to him before the deadline … which was very close.

When I thought about a story that might speak to a mother’s soul this one bubbled up:

Memory Pictures  (Experience of Joy and Connection)