My purpose for creating this website is to have a place to organize and process my thoughts about kids and learning in a way that feels authentic. It is organized in three major sections: 

  • Tools for Your Students
  • Tools for Their Parents
  • Tools for Yourself.

This Overview is a list of the tools that I will link to documents as they are complete:



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  1. HI again, Shirley! You just left my place a little while ago so I thought I’d send this to you since you said you didn’t think you knew that I had replied. When you reply to this make SURE to check the little box below “Post Comment” that says you want to know when others post on this Thread.

    That’s something I didn’t know when I started this site … Much more to learn I’m sure!

  2. I love the way you put this, Johanna …. they do come with “different lenses.” I’m not sure if I told you about my granddaughter’s teacher, Kim Combs. She job-shares with another teacher who has a child at home – but Kim’s other job, though, is a non-profit that she started called Common Ground. I’m having trouble finding that website right now … but it’s linked to this one that wants to introduce a billion people to Emotional Intelligence: http://www.6seconds.org/. I think you’ll like that site! Pass it along if you do …

  3. Thank you, Geoffrey, especially for the suggestion about the middle part. You were right and I’ve revised it. I’ll get back to the sections about tools later. I’m not sure how those should be presented. Each one could be an e-book by itself could summarize for this blog. More shall be revealed . . .

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